As I’m sure you’ve noticed, 99.9% of this site is currently offline. Bet you’d like to know why. The short version is that Niteblade got ‘hacked’ and so rather than trying to clean it up surgically and risk missing something, I decided to delete it all and start over. That’s going to take some time.

The longer version of the explanation is I use a one-click install to put WordPress on this website. When I upgrade the installations my host saves a copy of the old configuration on the server with .old added to the file name. I thought that was a handy thing to have, in case the upgrade didn’t work or something. I didn’t think ‘Hey, having an old version with whatever vulnerabilities they’ve discovered and fixed with the patch sitting on the server might not be such a good idea.’. I think that’s where the *insert very un-nice name here* got in. I suck.

I have, however, learned my lesson.

Trust me, the work involved in restoring this website should be a pretty good start toward my penance.

If you need to contact me, my email is always open rhonda@niteblade.com

3 Responses to “*Sigh*”

  • Amber says:

    Those are bad bad people. Especially for doing that to a good person like you.

  • Oooo…that smarts. My family website (using WordPress also) got hacked a few months ago. Luckily all they did was put some malicious links in a few blog entries and I didn’t lose any data.I now tend to stay on the bleeding edge of WP releases and patches…

    Good luck with the recovery, hope isn’t too painful!


  • Arnold Emmanuel says:

    omg who would want to hurt Niteblade! I’m glad it’s coming together though 🙂

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