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Bloody Horror: The Frightening Art of Jerrod Brown

Meet a master at depicting dreadful demise, crimson-tinged terror, creatures thirsting for human blood, and classic characters of horror. Discover the deliciously dark and expertly rendered paintings of horror artist Jerrod Brown, if you dare.

A traditional artist and a southpaw who has been painting and drawing for nearly forty years, Jerrod produces everything from murals to illustrations, from monstrous portraiture to genre book covers. Currently residing with his wife and daughter in Jacksonville, Florida, Jerrod works out of his home studio. In addition to selling works straight out of his studio, Jerrod also sells originals and prints at various galleries and conventions. He also received honorable mention in the 2008 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Artist of the Year.

Inspired by a multitude of horror movies and the artwork found in the classic genre magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland, Jerrod’s love of all things horror simply screams from the canvases of his darkly wonderful works. Being strictly a traditional artist, Jerrod strongly advocates the use of brush and palette over the use of keyboard and mouse. And his artistic creations contain a unique spirit not found in “cookie-cutter” digital work.

More examples of Jerrod’s art, along with purchasing information, can be found here:


September 2009 Table of Contents

The table of contents for the September issue has been finalised. What this means is that I am now reading all submissions with an eye to placing them in the March 2010 issue. Wow. Just…wow. The reason for that is the December issue will be a print one (guidelines here).