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Deadline Draws Near

The deadline for submitting to the new anthology (still untitled, because I’m quite stumped) is coming up. In fact, it’s tomorrow! There are a fair number of submissions in already, but there’s always room for more 🙂

Anthology Guidelines

Faerie and Fantasy: The Art of Amber Alexander

Mingle with folk from the realms of faerie and fantasy. Meet fantastical beings invoking the mystical powers of ancient gods, inhuman craftsmen wielding mighty tools of the trade, seductive assassins waiting to draw blood once again, and enchanting fays fluttering gossamer wings. Catch a stolen glimpse of the secret places where magic things dwell. Discover Amber Alexander’s fantasy art.

Prior to pursuing a career in art, Amber served as an active duty soldier deployed in Kuwait. After doing a bit of soul-searching to determine her true path, she decided to acquire a training in traditional art from the University of California at Berkeley. However, a few months before graduation, Amber discovered digital art. Once she taught herself the ins and outs of digital painting and became adept at the use of the computer to produce artwork, she realised that this was the medium for her.

Amber states that she has an interest in artists with a strong personal style, something she says she tries to capture in her own work. She includes John Singer Sargent, Peter Chung and Amy Brown among her list of favourites.

As a recent graduate, Amber now takes freelance illustration commissions. She currently has several projects-in-progress, including an illustration for the official web site opening of the R. & R. Barrs book Javen, the Curse and the Apogee’s Sign. She is also in the process of designing a series of angelic figurines for AngelStar.

More of Amber’s work can be seen on her web site Amber Alexander: Character Concept Artist & Illustrator.


Anthology Changes

Long story made short, I’ve had to make some changes to the payment for the upcoming Niteblade anthology. Instead of paying $1 + a copy of the book, we’ll be paying $10 + a pdf copy of the book. Everyone who has already submitted to me got an email yesterday saying we’d just be paying $10 and no contributors copies — that’s not so. I don’t want to re-email everyone and fill up your inbox in an annoying way, so I’m posting this year instead.

Everyone with work accepted for the print anthology will be paid $10 + a .pdf copy of the book.

If you’ve any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

Niteblade Issue #9: Dead Teenagers at Make-out Point

Dead Teenagers at Make-out Point

There she is. Beautiful isn’t she? The new issue of Niteblade went live at 12:01 this morning and I think it looks fantastic. We’ve got great stories, poems and book reviews and incredible illustrations. I think this is my favorite cover yet, and it’s coupled with a new way of doing the web-based TOC that makes me incredibly happy.

Check it out:

~ Website ~ Downloadable PDF ~