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Preditors and Editors

I have nothing against the Preditors and Editors poll, in fact last year I nominated stories, art and poetry from Niteblade for it and sought people’s votes. The thing about P&E though is that you have to do that, seek out votes, I mean. It is, in part, a bush-beating contest. The person who can drum up the most votes from the public wins. Again, there is nothing wrong with that but it turns out, I don’t have time for that sort of thing. With that in mind I made a decision some time ago to not nominate anything from Niteblade this year.

Well, someone else did it anyway 🙂

It turns out that Niteblade is nominated under the Fiction Magazine category and I am nominated under Ezine Editors category. Thank you to whomever nominated us in the first place, and to anyone who tosses a vote our way.

Ken Schneyer

Niteblade author, Ken Schneyer, was recently the focus of an employee spotlight on his work’s website.  You can read the article here. Shame they spelled Niteblade wrong, but I won’t hold it against them 🙂

Congratulations Chris Burdette

Everyone at Niteblade would like to congratulate Chris Burdette on his Rhysling nomination. His amazing poem, The Gnome’s Spectacles has been nominated and will appear in the 2009 Rhysling Anthology. Congrats Chris!

We’d also like to congratulate everyone else with a nomination, especially those of you who have had your work included in Niteblade. You all rock. Congrats and good luck!