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Moods Dark and Dangerous: The Illustrations of Daniele Serra

Enter a twilight realm where deepening gloom stirs dark emotions, where
sinister forces lurk within every shadow, where the Grim Reaper awaits
around every corner. Encounter scenes where glimmers of light hold no hope
of salvation, serving instead as stark illumination of a diabolic fate.
Become hopelessly enthralled by the dark art of Daniele Serra.

A professional illustrator residing on the Mediterranean isle of Sardinia,
Daniele Serra's work has seen international success. His art has appeared
in various European, Australian, and American publications. He has
illustrated the works of authors such as Brian Stableford, Rain Graves,
and Steven Savile. He has also created images for DC comics, and his art
has been displayed in various Italian exhibits. A book of Daniele's darkly
sensuous artwork, entitled Illusions, is available through Black Coat

Daniele uses pencils and watercolours to create his scenes, then blends
these macabre visions digitally. He masterfully combines and contrasts
light and shade in provocative ways, instilling a disturbingly seductive
quality into his art. He deftly drags the viewer into a world of horror
and dread, a place ruled by darkness and death.
More examples of Daniele Serra's work, as well as purchase information for
Illusions, can be found on his web site:


Pencilled Mayhem II

Once before, I featured the pencil creations of Shane Lees in the Niteblade art blog. Well, Shane is back, and his art is wilder than ever! Whether it be jellyfish floating in space, a Roman fort sitting beneath a triad of moons, whales soaring through the sky, or a spider web eye, Shane’s fantastic visions sweep the viewer away to surreal locales and strange realities.

An overwhelming desire to draw overcame Shane when he was but a young lad growing up in Tacoma, Washington. He earned a  B.F.A. in Graphic Illustration from the Art Institute of Tacoma, and has won several art competitions. Among his various credits, he has been commissioned to illustrate gaming cards for the on-line roll playing game Dark Confrontation by Hand Made Games, and book covers for Dreamspinner Press. More recently, Shane has been commissioned to illustrate Dave Hitt’s podiobook Blood Witness.

Being a sketcher at heart, Shane’s artistic weapon of choice is a regular number two pencil. Occasionally, he resorts to wielding a 9B or charcoal. His art betrays his love for the fantasy and science-fiction genres, and his style often mixes realism with the fantastical.

Let Shane’s weird and wonderful works carry you off to somewhere else, somewhere strange, somewhere out of this world.

Shane’s bio, full list of credits and achievements, and on-line portfolio containing more examples of his artwork, can be found here.