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Our first ever fundraiser is now over and I’m calling it a success 🙂

Together we raised $108.78!

I would like to thank everyone who helped make this possible. The people who donated prizes, everyone who helped spread the word, and especially the following supporters who donated cold hard cash toward our cause:

BD Wilson
Beth Cato
Suzanne Sykora
Amber Stults
Michael Haynes
Paul Walther
Christopher Hivner

Thank you, everyone. You’re awesome!

Congratulations Keith!

All of us at Niteblade would like to congratulate Keith Kennedy whose poem, First Loves for the First Time, was included in Ellen Datlow’s honorable mentions list for the Best Horror of the Year volume 4 🙂 To this day whenever I read that poem my stomach gets a little squicky, which is just one reason I love it so much.

Congrats Keith, on some well-deserved recognition! 🙂

2012 Fundraiser

This is re-blogged from my personal blog. I was going to write a more official-type blog here, but then realised I’d mostly be repeating myself. After the re-blogged post below I will be providing links to other people who’ve blogged about our fundraiser, so if I haven’t convinced you to help out, maybe they can.

But, uh… no pressure… 😉


*sang Batman-style* Na na na na na na na na na Niteblade! Niteblade!

I freaking love Niteblade. Love it. I have a fierce pride and an overwhelming affection for the publication and everyone who helps make it happen that I could do a whole Blogging from A to Z challenge with ‘Niteblade’ as my theme and still have blog topics left over at the end of the month. Truly. In fact, maybe I’ll do that next year. For this year, however, I only have one blog day to dedicate to it in this challenge. Today.

Niteblade, for anyone who is new to my blog and my life, is a fantasy and horror magazine I founded nearly five years ago (that’s like a billion years in internet time!). Since that day when it was me doing everything but the .pdf layout (which has always been Jo’s responsibility) Niteblade has grown to have several great people working behind the scenes.

We publish high-quality fiction and poetry and our pages are illustrated by original art.

Put simply, Niteblade rocks.

Unfortunately, it also costs money, and money is short these days. I’ve always hated asking anyone for help, for, um, anything, but Niteblade is something that means enough to me I decided I was willing to break that pattern and have a fundraiser. It was with more than a little trepidation that I put the call out ‘Niteblade could use your support, can you help?’ but the response I received was fabulous.

People donated loads of awesome stuff to our first (hopefully annual) fundraiser. Lots of stuff. Amazing stuff. I’m talking about critiques, handicrafts, signed books, food, art… the list goes on and on. People who couldn’t afford to donate *things* donated links. They donated time. They told their friends, and their friends told friends.

Our fundraiser starts today, April 16th and will be running through until the end of the day on April 20th. Check it out, we really do need your support:

Niteblade 2012 Fundraiser

This fundraiser will be the biggest single factor when it comes to determining our budget for next year. That means it directly effects how many stories and poems we can include in each issue and potentitally how many issues we put out. Every dollar makes a difference. Every one. Seriously. And if you can’t afford to donate cash, you can show your support by sharing the news of our fundraiser. The more people who know about it the better and we’re giving away a great collection of goodies to one lucky person just for telling people about our fundraiser. It could be you.

And thank you. Thank you so much.


As I mentioned above, I’m not the only person who has been blogging about this fundraiser, check out what the following (super awesome) people have to say about it:

~ Damien Walters Grintalis ~ Brenda Stokes Barron ~ James Dorr ~ TJ Tranchell ~ Amber Stults ~