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Last month Niteblade became the proud adoptive parent of Pumpkin, from Save the Chimps. Pumpkin was born in a laboratory, taken from his mother before he was two and ‘knocked down’ (anesthetized in what tends to be a very traumatic way) about 180 times and had his liver biopsied at least 23 times. By the time he was five years old, Pumpkin was self-mutilating.

You can read more about his story here.

In 2002, when Pumpkin was about 16 he was rescued by Save the Chimps and has been recovering in their sanctuary since then. These days he no longer self-mutilates and has been spending more and more time outside on ‘the island’ (which is a big thing for chimps raised in captivity).

These things, Pumpkin’s rescue and rehabilitation, would not be possible without donations received by Save the Chimps, and I’m exceedingly proud that the Niteblade family is counted among those donors.

Thank you.

Thank all of you, but an especially big thank you to the authors who donate their payment to help chimpanzees like Pumpkin. Your generosity matters and it does make a difference.

Read more about Pumpkin here.

ETA: This is the second chimp Niteblade has adopted. The first was Rufus.

Tribute to Niteblade

smalllogoIn the face of Niteblade’s impending closure I invited our contributors to write blog posts to celebrate. Previously John Bruni took me up on the offer, and Cat Jenkins made a post on her blog. Now it’s Pete Aldin‘s turn… with a little help from, uh, Michael Bolton?


Tribute to Niteblade, as sung by Michael Bolton…

I could hardly believe it
When I heard the news today
I had to come and get it from your blog
They said you were leavin’
Someone’s taking you away
No more fae or zombie spores or demon dogs
So tell me all about it, tell me ’bout the
last editions
Then tell me one thing more before I go

Tell me how am I supposed to live without you
Now that I’ve been readin’ you so long
What am I supposed to read on train trips
Where am I supposed to catch such artwork
When pdf ezine Niteblade is gone

(Valè, Niteblade!!)