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The Night The Cricket-Man Came

I don’t think it’s a secret that I enjoy good retellings of classic tales. Just look at the number of twisted or re-told fairy tales that grace the pages of Niteblade and you can see that. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is one of those stories I’ve loved since I was a kid watching the Disney version on The Magical World of Disney on Sunday night. If I love a story as much as I do that one, then getting me to accept a retelling of it is a tricky thing.

Alejandro Omidsalar pulled it off.

The Night The Cricket-Man Came finds its roots in the classic story by Washington Irving, but grows into something quite wonderous all its own. I strongly recommend checking it out in the latest issue of Niteblade.

Happy Halloween, It’s a Bloody Puppet Show

If you watch Family Guy, Robot Chicken or have seen a movie trailer or commercial chances are really, really good that you’ve heard Bill Ratner’s voice. Bill is an incredibly talented voice-over artist, and he’s also a pretty damn good writer. It was Niteblade’s honor and pleasure to present one of Bill’s stories as both a script and an mp3 performance in the March 2010 issue.

Happy Halloween, It’s a Bloody Puppet Show

We were unable to include the .mp3 of this story in the .pdf version of the magazine but it’s waiting for you at that link to click and listen. Reading the script is an enjoyable expirience but hearing Bill perform it is so much better. Clicky, clicky, you won’t regret it.