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Niteblade Contributor Interview with Linda Addison

Linda D. Addison grew up in Philadelphia and began weaving stories at an early age. She moved to New York after college and has published over 200 poems, stories and articles. Ms Addison is the author of “Being Full of Light, Insubstantial” (Space & Time Books) and the first African-American recipient of the world renowned Bram Stoker Award. She was honored with her second win in April 2008 for her latest collection. See her site ( for the latest information.

Linda Addison with her two Bram Stoker Awards

Linda Addison with her two Bram Stoker Awards.

When did you first recognize yourself as a writer or poet?

It’s going to sound funny but the first moment I knew I wanted to be a writer was when I held a book in first grade and realized that a person wrote it. I remember thinking I wanted to make something like that one day. Even though at that age I didn’t know what that meant.

My mother was an amazing storyteller and would make up stories to entertain the nine of us. I grew up thinking it was natural to make up stories. I would create tales for my brothers and sister about fairies and magical adventures at night before they went to sleep.

I had a couple of poems published in my high school paper but it wasn’t until my first poem was printed in Just Write magazine in 1994 that I felt like a published author.

Since then I’ve had over 200 poems, fiction and non-fiction published, but I still remember the thrill of that first publication and seeing my name in print.


What draws you to speculative fiction and poetry?

Reading fables in elementary school was the best part of the day for me. I’ve always loved reading fantasy and science-fiction. I would daydream about having wings. My imagination is constantly unfolding in non-real ways, it wasn’t something I chose as much as I was wired for speculative writing.

Poetry is a very natural form for me. It’s always singing in the back of my mind. No matter if I’m watching nature, or science or devastating news in the world around me, I hear poetry in everything. I don’t know if there’s an explanation for that, it’s certainly not by choice; it’s just how my brain works.


Is there a piece of writing advice you’ve never followed?

Hmmmm, can’t think of anything off the top of my head. I like trying new ideas. I’ve read about the writing process and taken writing workshops. More often than not a new approach makes me create in a way I wouldn’t have thought to do on my own.

I will say I’m not great on outlining. When I do an outline, it is a brain-storming exercise, but then I don’t feel that I have to follow my outline once I start writing. I’m perfectly comfortable with the story moving in a different direction.


In the June 2010 issue of Niteblade, Rhonda chose to publish your poem, “Star Seed’s Arietta”.  Is there a story behind how the poem came about?

Stephen M. Wilson and I have been working on a collaborative book of poetry called ‘Dark Duet’. He wrote a superb poem called ‘Lonely Starseed’ (published in Star*Line magazine) that touched me so deeply I wrote “Star Seed’s Arietta” in response. Both poems will be in ‘Dark Duet’, along with many new poems, some we wrote together.


What have you been working on lately?

I’ve been enjoying collaborative work. Tim Flynn and I finished a poem, ‘Phoenix Awakens in the Blood of Nightbird’ which was great fun. Besides ‘Dark Duet’  with Stephen Wilson, I completed a book of poetry, ‘Four Elements’, with Marge Simon, Rain Graves and Charlee Jacobs; three poets who are a constant inspiration to me. It was wonderful creating work for the book, we each took a different element, and mine was Air.

And there’s a list of new projects that I’m working on, another poetry collection, a science-fiction novel and a non-fiction book. I need a couple of clones to help out.


Is there anything else you’d like to share with Niteblade’s readers?

You can find my latest work in Genesis: An Anthology of Black Science Fiction, Dark Faith and New Blood anthologies. Check my site,, for the latest information.

I’m crazy excited about having a new collection of poetry and fiction, “How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend”, coming out with Necon E-Books ( in 2011.