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Who likes snail mail?

I recently re-discovered a whole whack of Niteblade postcards. I made them up to take with me when I went to the World Horror Convention in 2009, so they have the cover from our March 2009 issue, The Sentry on them, and a download link on the back to pick up a copy of that issue. Because WHC 2009 had so few participants I ended up bringing most of my postcards back home with me.

They aren’t doing any good sitting around here.

Would you like a postcard and the free .pdf download that comes with it? Shoot me your mailing address and I’ll send one out to you. I will be deleting your address immediately after addressing your postcard so you will never receive anything else from me (without your permission and you providing the address to me again).

You can send me your addy via a DM on Twitter (to the @NitebladeZine account), as a comment here (which wouldn’t be my first choice as comments aren’t screened) or via email to

If you are going to a convention anytime in the near future and are feeling super generous let me know and I’ll send you a whack of postcards and maybe you could put some on the freebie table?

I look forward to mailing some of you 🙂