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Dwarf Stars Nominee

Congratulations to Jamie Wasserman whose poem, Rules for Playing Hide and Seek in a Cornfield, is a finalist for the 2012 Dwarf Stars award. Yay! Rules for Playing Hide and Seek in a Cornfield was published in our March 2011 issue.

December 2011 Issue

Issue #18


Issue #18 of Niteblade Magazine is all about poetry.

We took some of our favourite poems from past issues of Niteblade and shuffled them together with fantastic new pieces to create this fantastic verse-centric volume. Best of all? It comes in both .pdf and booklet versions. That’s right, a physical issue of Niteblade you can hold in your hot little
hands and read without the aid of a computer screen.

This issue includes poems by:

N.C. Whitehead

Greg Schwartz

Christopher Hivner

Lucien E.G. Spelman

Ash Krafton

Anna Sykora

Noel Sloboda

Beth Cato

JS Watts

F.J. Bergmann

Jason L. Huskey

Bruce Boston

G.O. Clark

Chris Burdett

David Larson

Catherine Edmunds

Kelda Crich

Valentina Cano

Marge Simon

Michael Fosburg

Kristine Ong Muslim

Jennifer Crow

Richard H. Fay

Caitlin Walsh

Juleigh Howard-Hobson

Sandi Leibowitz

Lee Zumpe

Get your copy today!

.PDF Copy
Physical Copy
$7.50 + S&H


Poetry Anthology Update

Alexa and I had been hoping to respond to all submissions to the poetry anthology by October 15th, but there is a significant quantity of high-quality submissions to go through so we may need a little longer than that. We are working through them as quickly as we can while still giving each piece a fair assessment. Honest.

All other submissions may also have slightly longer wait times than usual.

Special Poetry Edition of Niteblade

Back in May, Alexa Seidel agreed be a poetry editor for Niteblade. She and I have worked together on the June and September issues and it’s been painless and fun. Come 2012, however, Alexa is going to take over the poetry editor position. We wanted to do something to celebrate the transition, to look back at some of the awesome poems we’ve included in Niteblade, and include some brand new content too. With that in mind, we decided to do a special edition of Niteblade in December (just in time for Christmas! /sales pitch).

The December issue, tentatively entitled “Looking Back, Going Forward” will only include poetry. Some of those poems will be reprints from back issues of Niteblade, some will be brand spanking new. What’s more, in addition to offering a .pdf version we will also have a limited number of print copies available for sale.

Intriqued? Click here to learn how to submit to the special poetry edition, and keep an eye on this blog for more details as they become available.