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Book Review: Fireflies by Lacey Reah


Book review by Sarah Hayes

Linda had everything going for her: a loving boyfriend and a life that seemed perfect. That is, until the night a beautiful woman in the park seduces Linda and what would have been a sensual fling turns into a life shattering event as Linda is turned into a nymphomite. Reborn into something not human, Linda is forced to abandon her old life in order to live as a nymphomite, feeding off the energies of female humans’ blood during orgasm. As Linda masters her skills at literally sucking the pleasure from her targets, she becomes more aware of the fact that she will never be part of normal human society again.

To the newly nymphed Linda, every woman is a potential meal, another source of energy for survival – until she meets Jesse. Jesse is clever and funny and wants to create a portrait of Linda for her private collection. What was supposed to be a typical eat-and-run turns into something more when Linda decides to turn Jesse into a nymphomite just like her. But Jesse’s turning comes with a dark price; stripped of her humanity, Jesse becomes the creature Linda most fears to become and abandons her maker in her rage of becoming a nymphomite. Linda must track down Jesse in the city while also keeping herself alive, before someone else suffers the same fate as them.

Lacey Reah’s novella Fireflies is an erotic story of horror and humanity that puts a rather sexy yet terrifying spin on what it means to be human. Reah presents us with an interesting take on the basic vampire, only the blood they suck must be during orgasm or else it does not work. Instead of romanticizing Linda’s life as something strange and wonderful, the story quickly shows the reality of living solely off the blood of the aroused, carefully straddling the realms of horror and drama without becoming too gruesome. Fans of the unconventional bisexual vampire will delight in Reah’s debut into fiction.