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Help Make Niteblade Free on Amazon

Issue 23Issue #23: Blodeuwedd has been free to download from our website here, and from Kobo Books for a very long time. Unfortunately it’s not free on Amazon. I’d like for you to help me change that.

I made Issue #23 free because I want people to be able to see how high quality our downloadable issues are. I want people who don’t come to our website to find Niteblade, read it, become hooked and seek us out to read more. No matter how you feel about it, Amazon is key to getting noticed in this business, key to being read. If we could get Amazon to list our issue #23 for free it could go a long way toward increasing our exposure to the world. That is good for everyone.

Please go to the Amazon listing for Issue #23: Blodeuwedd.

If you scroll down to the Product Information you will see a link which says ‘Tell us about a lower price’.

Please click that link and fill out the information. When it asks you where you saw the lower price, please tell them it was a Kobo Books –>

Submit the form.

Once you’ve done that, please email me at rhonda @ and I will be happy to send you a downloadable copy of our most recent issue, Niteblade Issue #26: A Fixer-Upper as a way of saying thank you. Be sure and tell me, in that email, what format you prefer (.pdf, .ePub or .Mobi).

And thank you. Thank you very much.

Issue #26: A Fixer-Upper

A Fixer-Upper

Issue #26 of Niteblade is a theme issue. Earlier in the year we held a fundraiser and one of the perks donors could choose was to pick the theme for our December issue. An generous donor who would like to remain anonymous, donated $100 to Niteblade for the chance to pick the theme for this issue and they chose ‘Ghost Stories’. They especially wanted winter ghost stories, but were open to any type of haunting tale.

After reading through a great many submissions the poetry editor, Alexandra Seidel, and myself (with the help of our fabulous fiction slush readers Alexis and Samantha), have put together a fantastic line up of ghostly verse and stories. This is a big issue packed full of spooks, spectres and all manner of things that will send chills up your spine.

Table of Contents:
House 5 by Adele Gardner
Memory Walking by KB Lawrence
A Fixer-Upper by Amanda C. Davis
Soldier’s Return by Robert Dawson
Envying the Dead by Francis W. Alexander
The Isle of Skye by Adele Gardner
Hot Biscuits by Elizabeth Archer
Hanashi Ukemi by Kenneth Kao
A Voice, Independent by Christos Callow Jr.
Dead Letters by Sandi Leibowitz
Heaven & Earth by Adrienne J. Odasso
Pushed Out by Jay Wilburn
Wintery Silence by Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi