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Niteblade #29: Porcelain Doll

Cover_Sept2014_noissnI am incredibly proud to announce the release of the September 2014 issue of Niteblade — Porcelain Doll.

This issue (which is #29 for those of you keeping track at home), contains:

St. Winifred Medical Center, Abandoned by Joshua Gage
Shelba’s Brood by M.E. Garber
The Gate of Horn by Megan Arkenberg
Dancing with the Departed by Anna Zumbro
Porcelain Doll by J.A. Grier
There She Stands by Nathaniel W. Phillips
Awakened by Sandi Leibowitz
Lena’s Confession by Kristi Brooks
Valediction for the Dungeon Master by Mark Jones
The Crew by Doug Blakeslee

It’s a great selection. It’s interesting to watch how themes emerge from the slush pile and I feel like this issue has strong flavours of hauntings and love… and sometimes the both together.

You can preview all the stories and poems at our website — Niteblade #29: Porcelain Doll and if that intrigues you, pick up a downloadable copy at the Niteblade Store (which means we don’t have to pay anyone commissions) or, if you prefer, at the following third party websites:

Porcelain Doll at Smashwords
Porcelain Doll at Amazon
Porcelain Doll at Kobo

Issue #27: The Mermaid at Sea World

Cover_Mar2014_noissnI always think each issue we produce is better than the last, and this is no exception. Issue #27: The Mermaid at Sea World is definitely one of the strongest line-ups we’ve ever put together. You’re going to love this one, I guarantee it!

What if you had power over death? Or, if bleeding could transform you into something new altogether? From dryads to mermaids to lycanthropes to zombies, the stories and poems contained here offer musings on these creatures and much more. So sit down with a cup of tea, a warm blanket, and a book light—these tales will transport you to far-off fantasy worlds and into the forgotten corners of the darkest minds. It is Niteblade, where the strange and unusual lay down their roots.


Bird Girl by Beth Cato
Godfather by Megan Arkenberg
The Dryad to the Woodcarver by S. Brackett Robertson
Hunt of the Damned by David Stegora
The Mermaid at Sea World by Ada Hoffmann
Crossing the Veil by Jamie Lackey
the queen’s pauper by Anna Sykora
You Kill Me by Milo James Fowler
Braiding by Sandi Leibowitz
Hold My Hand by K. A. Mielke

June Table of Contents

I’m pleased to announce the table of contents for our upcoming June issue:

Black Marker by Clyde Haley
The Missing Red Book by Sarah Gunn
In the Hours Before Dawn by Alexandra Fresch
Dragons of Fire by Alexis Hunter
The Surrogate by Mark Rigney
Carnivoyeur by Rebecca Hodgkins
Castle Lanes by Lisa M. Bradley
for two by Dan Campbell
Red Eye by Lisa M. Bradley
Silent Energy by J.A. Grier

Looking forward to it? Me too! Mark it on your calendar and start spreading the word 🙂

March 2011 Table of Contents

The March 2011 issue of Niteblade has been finalized. Our table of contents will look very much like this:

Ten Thousand Crows by G. O. Clark
Rules for Playing Hide and Seek in a Cornfield by Jamie Wasserman
The Book Mark by Brian Rosenberger
First Loves for the First Time by Keith Kennedy
The Edge of Town by D. X. Cooper
Zombie War by Greg Schwartz
The Pill by L.M. Stull
Numbers by Joseph Zieja
The Station by Nick Kolakowski
Running Empty in a Land of Decay by Damien Walters Grintalis

It’s going to be fantastic 🙂

September 2010 TOC

The table of contents for our September issue, Rosewinter, has been finalised and I’m very pleased with it. It’s not as big as some of our previous issues, but each story and poem is like a little gem, you’re going to love them.

In no particular order, the pieces included in the September 2010 issue of Niteblade are as follows:

Rosewinter by Megan Arkenberg
Incense Sticks by Ajay Vishwanathan
The Conversion by Kevin Gordon
The Little Mermaids by Laura Garrison
More to Me by Christine Dougherty
The Blue-eyed Boy by Ben A. Bell

Red Star Line by Jennifer Crow
Dreaming in MSG by Heather R. Peterson
Better Than The Real Thing by Mark Evans
Finicky by Francis W. Alexander
Aitvaras by Lee Clark Zumpe

June Table of Contents

The table of contents for our June 2010 issue, Flea Market Zombies, has been finalised and I’m proud to share it with you. In no particular order:

Lycanthropia by Simon A. Thalmann
Flea Market Zombies by Brian Rosenberger
Star Seed’s Arietta by Linda D. Addison
Mid-City Amusements by Alec B. Kowalczyk

Sympathetic Noose by Iris Macor
Woman Called Witch by Doug McIntire
The Little Girl and the Balloon by Ben Loory
Shinigami by Benel Germosen
Basement Shade by Bill Ratner
Survivalist by Kevin Brown
Stoke the Fires by Brad Chacos
Icarus Redux by Elissa Malcohn

September 2009 Table of Contents

The table of contents for the September issue has been finalised. What this means is that I am now reading all submissions with an eye to placing them in the March 2010 issue. Wow. Just…wow. The reason for that is the December issue will be a print one (guidelines here).