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Fiction Submission Status Update

This is just a super short update to let you know, the oldest unread fiction submission in our queue right now is from May 29th. If you submitted fiction prior to that you should have received a response or there ought to be a note on your story in the Submittable system saying I’m holding it for further consideration. If that isn’t the case, please feel free to query.

Thank you!


It’s 2013 and I’m super excited for this year at Niteblade 🙂 It may not seem like there’s very much going on here in between issues but everyone has been working super hard in the background and I think this is going to be our best year yet. I just wanted to take a couple moments to share some quick updates:

  • Due to the recent changes at Duotrope we will no longer be offering our authors the option of donating their payment there. Now the choices for payment will be Paypal or a donation to Save The Chimps (for no deeper reason than it is a favourite cause of mine). Donations will be tracked and once they reach $75 I will match them and Niteblade will ‘Adopt a Chimp
  • Alexandra (our poetry editor) has posted a blog about how to write a cover letter. Go. Read it. I’ll wait.
  • All the fiction submissions in our queue have been read (as of 2:30 MST today). There are three I am holding for future consideration but I’ve left notes to their authors explaining that within the Submittable system.
  • All the poetry submissions in our queue have been read and Alexandra is holding a few for further consideration.
  • We have a new team of slush readers for this upcoming issue. Alexis, Megan and Samantha are all very actively reading your submissions and you ought to notice a speedier response time as a result.
  • We will be holding our annual fundraiser in March this year, and I will begin organising that and releasing details very soon.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Submission Status

Right now the oldest fiction submission in our queue is from May 11th. If you submitted to us prior to that and have not received a response chances are we didn’t get it. Please email to find out or submit again.

As for poetry submissions, it looks to me like the only poems that have been in the queue for more than a week are those Alexandra is holding for additional consideration.

Status Update

Right now the oldest fiction submission in our queue is from January 22nd, so if you sent us something before then and haven’t heard back, please feel free to query.

Know what else is exciting? We’re 20% of the way to the sales/donations goal we set for the March issue. That means we’re 20% of the way to releasing the web-based version of the site. Do you want to help? If you’ve got a couple dollars to spare consider picking up a copy of the March issue, or any of our back-issues at the Niteblade Store, or you can make a straight-up donation. If you haven’t got any change kicking around and you really want to read the March issue online for free (and you should) the best way is for you to tell your friends about Niteblade. The more people who come by the more sales we make* and the sooner you’ll be able to read this amazing issue for free.

~*~ Niteblade Store ~*~ Lycanthropist (sneak peek) ~*~ Link To Niteblade ~*~

*It also increases our advertising revenue, but that money gets put into the pool for the June issue.

Submission Status

Just a super quick update to let you in on our current submission status. We are still open to both fiction and poetry. The oldest fiction submission in my inbox is from July 21st and the oldest poetry submission is from July 29th.

If you submitted prior to that and haven’t heard back from me, I didn’t get it so please re-submit and be sure you follow the guidelines.

As a relevant aside, if you follow us on twitter @NitebladeZine I tend to update the submission status’ there more frequently than here.

Status Update

Just a quick status update on how things are going behind the scenes here at Niteblade 🙂

I sent out my nominations for the Dwarf Star award mere moments ago. Yay! The bulk of my nominations came from 2009 issues of Niteblade, but if you’re  a poet and would like to know how to nominate work that wasn’t published at Niteblade, voila:

Dwarf Stars is the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s yearly edited anthology of short-short poetry. We are trying to find the best speculative short poetry of 10 lines or less published in 2009. We define “speculative” as “science fiction, fantasy, horror, mythic or any combination or variation of the above.” The deadline for nominations for 2009 poems is August 31, 2010.

This is what you can do to help.

1. Send us your 2009 short poems of 10 lines or less.
2. Send us recommendations of 2009 short poems of 10 lines or less that you’ve read and think are deserving along with publication information and the e-mail addresses of the poets, if you have them.
3. There is no limit to the number of poems you can send.
4. You do not need to be a member to send poems/recommendations.

Send these poems to us at You do not need to be a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association to send poems/recommendations. Please include the words “Dwarf Stars Submission” in the title of the e-mail.

In other, more Niteblade-centric news I have pretty much firmed up the ToC for the September issue and will be sharing that in the next couple days. Getting the September issue ready to go mostly falls now to the work of Marge, BD and Jo, but I still have some paperwork-type things that will keep me busy for a little while and likely slow my progress through submissions, however, I’m not that far behind right now.

The oldest fiction submisson in my inbox is from June 29th, and the oldest poetry one is from July 8th. If you submitted prior to those dates and haven’t heard back, I didn’t get it. Please re-send.

Empty Inboxes?

Just a quick note to let you know that the impossible has happened. My submission inboxes are both empty. Empty! That means I have responded to every submission I’ve received as of this exact moment. If you’ve not heard from me I didn’t get it, so please resubmit. It also means I need some more submissions to consider for our September issue. As of right now I don’t have very many pieces accepted, so there are lots of spaces left for your work. 🙂

p.s. We re-opened to fiction submissions today.

Quick Status Update

Just a super quick update on submission statuses around here. I have responded to every poetry submission I’ve received and currently the oldest fiction submission waiting for me to read it is from March 27th. If you submitted before that and haven’t heard back from me, I didn’t get it. Please re-send.

Also, for more frequent updates on submission stats, consider following us on Twitter at @NitebladeZine

Submission Status Update

Just a super quick update on the status of submissions waiting to be read. The oldest submission in my fiction pile that’s waiting to be read is from February 17th and the oldest poetry one is from February 2nd. If you submitted prior to that and haven’t heard back from me either I didn’t receive it or my response got gobbled by a spam filter or something. Resubmit or drop me an email at I’d recommend the former.

I’m currently reading submissions with an eye toward placing them in the June issue.

Submission Status

Just a super quick update on the current status of submissions. Poetry subs are up-to-date for up to December 6th and fiction is caught up to October 22nd.