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Reading Today

I’m reading Niteblade submissions today. All day. That is the only thing I will be doing. If you’ve sent a submission, watch your inbox, hopefully you’ll hear from me soon.

Taking inspiration from Holly Root who was seeking to empty her query inbox, I’m going to tweet about my progress. Unlike her I don’t actually expect to empty my mailboxes today but I’m going to make a pretty big push. If you want to read my progress it will be here Rhonda Parrish. I will try to update hourly.

Submission Status

A quick note about the status of submissions 🙂

Any poetry submitted before 10/26/09 has been read and responded to as has any fiction submitted before 9/28/09. If you submitted after those days, I haven’t gotten to your sub yet, if you submitted before and haven’t heard back from me, please query.


It’s been a while since I’ve offered up a status update, so I thought I’d remedy that today.

The December 2007 issue of Niteblade is back online (Yes, you really did read that right). That is two months of the pre-2009 archives back up and three to go. Hopefully I’ll get them up at a faster pace than I did the first two.

The table of contents for the new anthology is almost set. Almost. I hope to post the table of contents here in the next week or so, so keep an eye open. If you’ve submitted to it and not yet heard back from me, hang in there, that means your work is on the (very) short list and I’ll get to you soon. I promise.

I’ve fallen a bit behind on reading submissions. The oldest submission in my fiction inbox is from August 4th and in the poetry inbox is September 7th. I sincerely apologise for my delay in responding and as soon as I firm up the TOC for the anthology I will make a concerted effort to read the submissions. If you submitted before those dates and you haven’t heard back from me, I didn’t get it. Please re-submit.

I think that covers all the updates I have for the moment, though like I say, keep your eyes on this spot for the table of contents for the next anthology.

Submission Progress

Submissions to Niteblade have increased greatly over the past few weeks, so I thought it might be a good idea to share the status of submissions right now. Fiction submissions are done up to and including March 7th aside from three stories I’ve held for future consideration. Those authors will hear back from me by tomorrow at the latest, so if you’ve submitted fiction before or on March 7th and haven’t heard from me by tomorrow (March 31st) I didn’t get your email. Sorry.

The oldest poetry submission awaiting my attention right now is from March 1st. If you submitted prior to that and haven’t heard from me, again, I didn’t receive your submission.

Over the next week I hope to make significant progress regarding submits so if you feel like you’ve been waiting a long time, hang in there — I’m working on it. I promise.