Magick & Fantasy: the Artworks of Lori Baratta

In this installment of the Niteblade art blog, I’m pleased to present a few samples of the mythical and magickal art of Lori Baratta. Hailing from the mystical Catskill Mountains,  Lori is a full-time professional artist and illustrator. Her works have graced the covers and interior pages of tomes such as The Wicca Handbook and A Witches Book of Answers, as well as various magazines and catalogs. Her art also appears on various products, including stained glass items, reference charts, decorative and spell candles, tarot bags, and note cards.

Interested in myth and fantasy since she was a wee lass, Lori delves deeply into the historical, religious, and cultural importance of any symbols used in her metaphysical artworks. Possessing a great love of colour, Lori utilizes various media to create vibrant compositions. In addition to her mythical and New Age designs, she also produces commissioned portraits and contemporary fine art. Examples of her work can be found hanging in various public and private collections.

Products featuring Lori’s designs can be found at Lori Baratta Artworks.


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