House of Chamberlin

Here’s a special Halloween treat for all those that love pen and ink or charcoal artwork, with a little bit extra. No tricks here; within the House of Chamberlin dwell lusty vampires, hungry werewolves, macabre musicians, and deadly dragons. Therein you may find creatures of darkness rendered in black and white, perhaps with just touches of added colour to better bring out their eerie and often bloodthirsty natures. As you stumble further down its halls, this strange artistic abode of the fantastic and horrific might  even surprise you with a flash of full-colour brilliance.

And who is master of this weird and wild house? An Alaskan with an interest in comic books and cartooning, Ric Chamberlin is the creative soul residing at the heart of the House of Chamberlin. Ric utilizes pen and ink, pastels, and charcoal to create his marvellous works of fantasy, horror, and whimsy.

Now, enter through those doors and enjoy!

More of Ric’s art can be seen on his DeviantART Site:


2 Responses to “House of Chamberlin”

  • My personal favourite of the bunch is “The Minuet Macabre”. I think it has a delightful mix of the macabre and the whimsical. Not to mention, it seems the perfect image for Halloween, creepy and fun at the same time.

    A very close runner-up would be “Dragon’s Lair”. I like the somewhat stylized nature of the dragon, and the colours work beautifully. They help draw the eyes right to the dragon. Of course, I’m partial to dragons anyway.

    Cheers and chills!

  • Rhonda says:

    My favorite picture of all these is Tea-Party. While all the images Ric shared here have got stories behind them, and in them, it’s the tea party’s that intrigues me the most.

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