A Couple Changes

There are a few important changes happening here at Niteblade. Firstly, I’m sorry to tell you that Nothing to Dread will be the last print anthology from Niteblade for the foreseeable future. The reason, in a word, is money.

The short explanation is that I can’t afford to do the anthology the way I’d like. LuLu is a fantastic POD service and it has a lot of uses and puts out a quality product, but since it is a POD system the final book prices are high. That makes them a tough sell and I haven’t actually got the time or the money required to promote the books the way your work deserves. Nor can I afford to print and distribute them myself.

There is good news though. Niteblade doesn’t make money on any issue, but we lose more on the print versions than the electronic ones. What that means is by eliminating the print anthologies for the time being we have been able to increase payouts to our writers. Starting with the March 2010 issue Niteblade will be paying $5 for short stories and $3 for poems.

Lastly, Niteblade now has a Twitter account. It will primarily be used to track submission stats and make announcements about acceptances and all that good stuff. If you have a Twitter account you can follow us at @NitebladeZine if you don’t you can continue to check this blog for updates of more than 140 characters 🙂

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  • Hi. I just wanted to offer a bit of advice if you are wanting to publish further anthologies and such in the future. Createspace is a great source. I publish my books there and because I am the sole publisher am able to price them very reasonably. You need to know how to create cover art and PDF files on your own, but this really isn’t difficult. Just an option, if you’re still wanting to publish print works.

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