Book Reviewer Wanted

Niteblade is looking for another book reviewer or two. That reviewer could be you if you:

  • Enjoy reading small press publications and sharing your opinion about them
  • Are familiar with (or willing to learn) how to post blog entries via Word Press
  • Can write clearly
  • Are not looking to get rich

Unfortunately we can only afford a token payment for reviews ($1, plus a .pdf copy of each issue of Niteblade as they come out) so you will not get rich doing this job. I encourage reviewers to aim for one review a month as a minimum.

If you’re interested please email me at rhonda @ with a sample book review (of any book you’ve read recently) that follows our reviewer guidelines under the cut. Use the word ‘Reviewer’ somewhere in the subject line of your email, please.

There is no ‘application deadline’ or anything like that. The first couple reviewers who seem to be a good fit will be welcomed to the team.

Thank you!

1 paragraph about the main character (if there are more than one you can do one paragraph about each if you want, or combine them into one paragraph)
1 paragraph about the story (no spoilers. You don’t need to tell us everything that happens, just a back cover blurb is good)
1 paragraph about your impressions of it.

There is a bit of leeway, but really — short, sweet and to the point is what we are looking for here. Remember that authors and publishers are looking for a blurb they can use in their marketing but don’t lie, and do feel free to comment on anything relevant you didn’t like.

If you can’t find anything positive to say about a book, don’t review it.

2 Responses to “Book Reviewer Wanted”

  • Harvey Mathis says:

    I am a beginner and I am trying to learn the business. I have not reviewed any books yet. But I am a verocious reader, so I might as well learn this business. Please send me something to review and the guidelines and I will do my best. Thanks Harvey

    • Rhonda says:

      Hi Harvey,

      The guidelines are right there in the blog entry, and as it says, I welcome sample reviews to be on whatever book you prefer. The purpose is largely to see how well you can follow directions and so I can see if your writing style is compatible with Niteblade — we won’t actually be publishing your sample review.

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