Book Review: Dead Practices by Shells Walter

                                               Dead Practices by Shells Walter

                                                 Book Review by A. R. Braun

Are you a zombie addict? Then you’ll love the novella, Dead Practices, by Shells Walter.

Jerrod’s a lawyer and Rusty’s a cop but they’re not your everyday lawmen. They’re civilized zombies in the future when the world has found a way to stop their flesh-munching ways: with psychotropic drugs. Work is hard enough without digits and limbs falling off but, thanks to Super Glue, things keep rolling along . . . literally. Jerrod rides a Harley.

Their biggest problem is Ken Yearns. He’s found a way to make the zombie citizens into cannibals again, and he’s using them to commit crimes. First, he knocks off a gas station, and then a bank, while his zombie horde eats anyone to the bone who stands in the way. The worst is yet to come, however. The president is coming to town, and Yearns won’t stop until he’s conquered the commander-in-chief. Now Jerrod and Rusty have to throw down the gauntlet to stop Yearns and his horde. Can they find a way to save the president and the country from destruction?

I was impressed with Yearns and his undead cronies, especially when they went after the president. The chaos that ensued with both America’s leader and the secret servicemen gaping at the zombie army had me enthralled. Most of the book seemed a bit simplistic to me, like a young adult novel with extreme violence, but there was enough humor to keep me interested. And, at 174 pages, it’s a quick enough read for those strapped for time. I’m sure zombie junkies everywhere will find Dead Practices a joy to peruse.

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