Niteblade. Podcasted.

Exciting news for Niteblade authors who love podcasts. Jason Warden of ShadowCast Audio Anthology has generously offered to produce one Niteblade story a month as a podcast and share it with his audience. Beginning in March I will have the difficult task of choosing one story from a current, or archived Niteblade issue to be recorded as a podcast and shared with the ShadowCast Audio audience.

Niteblade writers get greater exposure for thier work. Win.

ShadowCast Audio gets high quality fantasy and horror stories to publish. Win.

Niteblade and ShadowCast audiences can enjoy an increased awareness of one another. Win.

It’s pretty much win all around ­čÖé

What’s more is that Niteblade is not the only magazine that will be providing ShadowCast with fantastic stories to record. House of Horror and SNM Magazine will also be teaming up with ShadowCast in this endevour.

To quote Jason:

On 02/18/11 Steven Marshall from SNM Horror Magazine gives us their Story of the Month from the January Jambalaya 2011 Issue 2.

On 03/04/11 S.E. Cox from House of Horror Magazine will give us their top selection from the new issue.

On 03/18/11 Rhonda Parrish from NiteBlade Magazine treats us with the best of an upcoming issue.

I’m really looking forward to this project and I hope you’ll take advantage of it as well by subscribing to Shadowcast Audio Anthology today on iTunes. I know I have.

Important notes for Niteblade authors:

  • Participation in this project is strictly voluntary. If I choose one of your pieces to be used for this project I will contact you directly in order to get your permission. You are welcome to say ‘No, thank you’.
  • Some amazing stories just aren’t appropriate to translate to audio format because of their format or length. I will not be choosing based solely on a ‘Best of…’ but also for what will work best as an audio podcast

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