Book Review: Blunderland by Elizabeth O’Kane


Book review by Sarah Hayes

Fin Barrett is looking for a fresh start in a new town, away from her troubled past. But when she and her new pet puppy Zipper walk through a mysterious marble arch in a sculpture garden, what she finds on the other side is another world. It is a world where cars can move at the speed of light, sparkly goo can twist the laws of physics, and stories are written down not on paper but on fabric. This is Blunder and Fin has been here before.

Not everything about the strange new world of Blunder is innocent. The Creeps are coming out of the woodworks like never before to raise havoc and attack people at random for the fun of it. Plus, while Fin may not remember her previous trip to Blunder, some of its citizens do – and not everyone is pleased to see her come back. To piece together the puzzle of her place in Blunder, Fin will have to travel to many odd places and take a look into the past to save the future of a place she barely remembers.

Blunderland is a bizzare and dizzying fall through the proverbial rabbit hole into a world that breaks all the rules simply by existing. The fact that Fin has been in Blunder before and does not remember being there is a fascinating twist on what could have easily fallen into typical wonderland territory. Some scenes are hampered by more telling than showing what is going on in the scene, but this is compensated by O’Kane’s vivid descriptions of the wild and wonderful curiosities that inhabit Blunder. She has created an interesting cast of characters in a topsy-turvy world that will pleasantly surprise fantasy and supernatural fans alike.

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