2012 is a year of change here at Niteblade. Not only do we have a new poetry editor, a new backend for our website and plans for a new fundraiser (more on this later) we are also going to try a new format for the magazine. Allow me to copy and paste from the updated ‘About’ page:

Is Niteblade free?
Yes and no. Our super awesome .pdf versions are not free, but they are gorgeous and well worth investing in. What’s more they don’t have any advertising and can be read on any device that can read .pdfs. When things get a little complicated is when we start talking about the web-based versions of Niteblade. The archived web versions are completely free. You can check them out from the Archives page and enjoy all the amazing fiction and poems we’ve published over the years, however, as of the March 2012 issue we are implementing a major change.

After March 2012 the web version of each issue is initially going to offer only a teaser of the full version for free. In order for us to release the issue in its entirety we will have to reach a set sales goal. That goal will be fluid at first, while we test to see what the market will bear. Every sale, donation and all advertising revenue generated each quarter will count against the goal. Once we reach it the web-version will be released to everyone for free. If you need to get your fix before then you can purhcase a .pdf right away, and know that in doing so you are contributing toward making the issue available to everyone.

Here’s the thing, that explanation makes it sound more complicated than it really is. The web version of each issue will be teasers only until enough people have donated, bought copies or advertising to reach the goal, and then everyone can read it for free. We’ll track the goal on one of the Niteblade pages and will try to find a balance between not getting paid for the fantastic work we publish and not being able to share that work in its entirety because the website isn’t free.

I’m excited, I hope you are too.

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